The Wizarding World of the 19th Century

The world is in commotion. Everywhere the cries for revolution can be heard. In Europe, Factions of goblin rebels are advocating for more influence in the magical world, some to the point of goblin supremacy over all other magical races. In the mountainous regions of the world giants have coalesced around two contrary leaders, and their civil war is leading to their extinction. There are even wizards and witches throughout the world fighting for a revolutionary change in political and lawful institutions of the wizard world. In addition, some hear rumors of an ancient dark power rising from the shadows.

The Auror Divisions of the Ministry of Magic and the Magical Congress of the United States of America are spread thin across the world to ensure stability and protect the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. However, with so much work on their hands, many areas of the world are left behind. Smaller countries have pleaded the International Confederation of Wizards to step in for their protection.

Under the International Statute of Criminal Justice, the International Confederation of Wizards establishes the Auror Division. Poorly funded, and even more poorly staffed, the Division is having difficulties in achieving their established purpose. Nevertheless, it is an opportunity for the young adventurer and the driven opportunist to find meaningful and challenging work.

International Confederation of Aurors

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